Sports leaders look at youth development

grey Sports leaders look at youth development

Jewel Crawford

AARON HUMES Reporting: The Department of Youth Services is hosting a five-member team from Northern Illinois University this week whose task is to help local coaches and coordinators make a connection between youth development and sports.

While not all youth get between the sticks or on the court, those who do are certain to learn valuable life lessons.

Director of the Department Jewel Crawford explains that the group will look at key development issues like athlete injuries, life skills and other areas that will help organizers provide the best guidance to the youths under their care and management.

Participating organizations targeting youths include the National Sports Council, Belize City Council, Young Men’s Christian Association, Conscious Youth Development Program and grassroots coaches and sporting coordinators from various disciplines.

This network of coaches and organizations, Crawford tells us, is the foundation for a Youth Services Coalition that will help the Department achieve its goal of targeting vulnerable youths.

The training is taking place at the ITVET on Freetown Road in Belize City and lasts all week.


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